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Conversations About Divorce

Mandy Walker

Conversations About Divorce – How to Rebuild Trust After Divorce

Feeling that you’ll never trust your ex or another partner again is a common reaction to divorce. Yet trust is a cornerstone of healthy relationships and as such is vital to connecting with others. So can you learn to rebuild trust?
Joining Mandy in this episode is therapist, college instructor and author Terry Gaspard. Listen in to discover:
  • What is trust and what mistrust looks like
  • The root causes of mistrust – they’re not always what you think
  • How learning to trust is similar to getting fit (but without the costly gym membership, and
  • Some exercises you can do to build your trust strength
Terry offers a healing community for adults dealing with divorce, parenting, and blended family issues on her website where you can pre-order her book, Daughters of Divorce:Overcome The Legacy of Your Parents’ Breakup and Enjoy a Happy, Long-Lasting Relationship due to be published by Sourcebooks in January of 2016. Terry is also a regular contributor to Huffington Post Divorce,, Divorce Magazine,, and Follow Terry on Twitter at @movingpastdivorce and on Facebook at MovingPastDivorce.
Learning to trust is again is an integral part of recovering from divorce and needs to be a component in any divorce rebuilding or recovery program. If you’re ready to put the hurt and pain behind you and find the path to hope and happiness contact Mandy to discover her 10-week customized VIP Coaching Package. You can also learn more about Mandy’s perspectives on divorce at her blog,