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Rock Splitting Politics – Republicans Debate as the First Votes of 2016 Are Near

Last week the Republican Candidates for president debated in South Carolina.  Only seven candidates made it to the main stage, Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Carson, Christie, Bush, and Kasich.  How did they do?  Doc Holliday provides his unique insight to help you better understand what is going on in this fast moving drive toward the Iowa caucuses and the first votes to be cast in New Hampshire.  Doc gives some background research from 1790 about the eligibility of Ted Cruz to run for president.  And don’t forget that last week President Obama had his last State of the Union address.  As you may expect, Doc Holliday has a few words to say about that also.  So gear up for this week’s show to get you ready for the presidential election of 2016.  Click on now and tell your friends and neighbors to check us out, too!