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Are You Awake?

Are You Awake – Your Soul’s Calling with Mark The Dog Guy

Mark the Dog Guy (Mark Imhof) joins Dr. Guldal this week for a very special interview! Mark Imhof is a business consultant turned dog groomer who has changed the course of his own life, and in the process has changed the lives of many others. You might have seen his story sprawling across the internet, and for good reason: it is inspiring!

All of us battle with the pressures of what we “should be doing” or who we “should be”, and that can muffle the voice in our soul that is telling us, “this is who you are”. Mark and Dr. Guldal discuss why stories like his catch on like wildfire, how he knew he was making the right choice, and his hands-on method of compassion generates hope, joy and “forever homes”. Listen to a real life story of someone who embraced their soul’s calling, and then…listen to your soul.

Go explore the world again with mindful meditation, anti-aging, and heal the soul, mind, and body. Continue along your journey towards health, wellness, and empowerment.