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Stephanie Erickson

Caregivers’ Circle – Words matter: How Language can Change your Brain Structure and Improve Communication with Others

Through my own personal experience with anxiety, I have learned first-hand how the words we use change the way in which we evaluate, respond and react to a situation.  Joining me this week is Dr. Andrew Newberg, author of Words can Change Your Brain: 12 Conversation Strategies to Build Trust, Resolve Conflict and Increase Intimacy.  In part 1 of the interview, Dr. Newberg discusses the basic physiological changes that happens with your brain through the use of positive and negative language and offers tips on how we can lead our brain to improved positivity and overall functioning.  In part 2 –  Dr. Newberg reviews how language is the impetus for improved communication and offers strategies to resolve conflict and to build trust.  For more on my own personal experience with anxiety and the influence of language please view my TEDx talk.