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Thriving Entrepreneur – The Hidden Truth Buried Deep within the Pacific Ocean with Tiffany Wardle

Most people know about the story of Atlantis, but not all are familiar about Lemuria. Tiffany wrote this book according to her belief based on the research she did about Lemuria while traveling the world. Regardless of what people believe, this is a good story to read because not only will you get to read stories about love, war, magical powers and a lot more interesting stuff, but you also get to learn a lot of lessons and values from this book that you can apply in your everyday life.
The biggest takeaway from this book is mind power. You can have anything you want if you believe in it. If you focus on what you want and truly believe in it, you will experience endless possibilities. Unfold the hidden truth within you and join Steve in his interview with Tiffany Wardle on Thriving Entrepreneur.
Bonus interview with our FEATURED BESTSELLING AUTHOR Jamie Verrillo about his book
Animals or your pets can do as much for you as a person as you can do for them. Jamie talks about bow being truly present or aware as your animals can contribute a lot in your relationship, not only with them but also with your relationship with yourself and other people.