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Stephanie Erickson

Caregivers’ Circle – Pill-Popping Averted! Alternative Ways to Manage Pain Holistically – Part 2

As I get older I often hear myself making interesting and new sounds as I stand up, sit down and roll over in bed – the creaks and pops are predictable music in my home.  Many individuals experience these chronic and on-going physical annoyances but are able to function without too many limitations.  However, there are so many others who have debilitating pain caused by injury, aging, or even disease.  Americans consume about 80% of the world’s pain pills – and obviously this can lead to addiction over time and an inherent neglect to discovering and treating the underlying cause of the pain.  It seems that North Americans have a “Is there something I can take” mentality and this bleeds into a knee-jerk response to medicate pharmaceutically.  But, there are alternatives to medication that all of us should consider trying.  During Part 1 of our interview (June 6, 2016),  guest  Dr. Heather Tick MD, author of Holistic Pain Relief: Dr. Tick’s Breakthrough Strategies to Manage and Eliminate Pain will discuss her integrative approach to managing pain through an individualized pain evaluation, nutritional changes, sleep, breathing, the impact of environmental toxins and other quick and easy fixes to manage pain.  In Part 2 of our interview, Dr. Tick discusses alternative treatments such as chiropractic, acupuncture and energy work as effective and natural ways to manage pain.  For information on environmental toxins visit the Environmental Working Board.