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Caregivers' Circle

Stephanie Erickson

Caregivers’ Circle – How to Make Sense of the Ever-Confusing Healthcare Terminology.

Care coordination.  Continuity of care.  Team planning.  Care manager.  Or how about cognitive capacity, disorientation, palliative, terminal, agitated, delirious, Demented…..AHH!  There are so many terms that health care professionals toss around casually and families and patients struggle to follow along and understand what symptoms are present, what it means and what treatment is available.  Language in the healthcare world can be confusing for even the most sophisticated people and more than that, each clinic, facility, hospital, or rehab center may have a completely different meaning to the terms we think we understand.  So how can we as healthcare consumers be the best advocate for ourselves and our loved ones?  This week’s guest, Carol Levine, the director of Families and Health Care Project at United Hospital Fund in New York discusses how to demystify the healthcare and social service terminology.