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Suzanne Harris

Books On Air – Lost Jade Of The Maya by Marjorie Bicknell Johnson

Chanla Pesh, descendant of a king, searches for the lost Mayan jade with her shaman’s talisman. Gods of the underworld Xibalba torment her, and murderous Guatemalan crime lords stalk her. Marjorie Bicknell Johnson tells this fascinating story in Lost Jade Of The Maya, a book that you won’t want to put down.

Chanla Pesh comes from a long line of Mayan shamans and is an archaeologist at a Mayan ruin. She gets a grant from her university to search for jade in Guatemala and visits Mayan elders in remote villages. She tries to use her powers as a shaman to trace her jade jaguar talisman and runs afoul of Cimil, God of the Underworld. When she scouts for sources of raw jade, she know that looking for jade in Guatemala is dangerous, but learns it can be far more dangerous than she ever suspected.  Check out Lost Jade Of The Maya on