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Suzanne Harris

Books On Air-CONNECTED: A Case of Unique Proximity by David Random

CONNECTED: A Case of Unique Proximity by David Random

There’s been a murder!

An eyewitness has come forward! The killer has confessed!

How can a murder where there’s an eye witness and the murderer confesses be a conundrum … a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma?

Here’s the problem. The witness and the killer are conjoined twins, literally joined at the hip since birth. For the police, keeping the murderer in custody, means locking up their witness, his innocent brother –an untenable situation.

The frustrated legal system wrestles with how to prosecute a murderer who is apparently immune from punishment, because any attempt to exact justice for the murderer would surely mean injustice for his innocent, conjoined twin.

It appears there can be no satisfactory outcome. That is, until a surprising discovery is made.