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Planning with Dollars and Sense

Planning with Dollars and Sense – Finally ALL Investment Advisors Will Put the Needs of the Client First! Or Will They?

This week’s show is a discussion about the much needed and clearly defined fiduciary standard for all Financial Advisors. This discussion is especially timely early this year as the SEC and Congress are in the process of putting rules and regulations in place that will protect the small retail investing public. The Dodd-Frank financial reform bill signed into law last summer called for a study on improving oversight of Investment Advisors. Join our discussion as we speak in plain English just what this means and WHY only Registered Investment Advisors are held to this high ethical standard of client care and not the retail brokerage advisors and firms. My Financial Planning Tip of the Week: How Planners charge for their services.

Planning with Dollars and Sense – Divorce and the Marital Home: I Am Underwater, What Do I Do? Help!

The marital home is in many cases the family’s most valuable asset. Before the housing crisis, the home pursuant to a divorce was handled in one of three ways. Sell and split the equity, one spouse buys the other out, or keep the home for the minor children until they graduate. Now that the housing crisis is upon us, a fourth and fifth alternative have been created out of necessity; short sales and foreclosures. These alternatives have often resulted as one of the reasons couples are seeking divorce. Our discussion this week addresses the difference between short sales and foreclosures, the effect on your credit scores, choosing a realtor who specializes in these areas, protection of your retirement assets, and to beware of the scams. For more information contact the host, Jackie Thornhill or my guest, Rose Falocco.

Planning with Dollars and Sense – Divorce and Taxes: Yes, the IRS Can Become a Third Spouse

It’s often said that there are really three parties in a divorce: the husband, the wife and Uncle Sam. Far too many people negotiate and finalize their divorce without taking a proper account of the tax impact of the decisions they are considering. Divorce can be challenging, particularly when it comes to tax time. Which spouse owes taxes? What forms and returns need to be filed? When do I need to file? How do I file? What is the best tax planning strategy for my divorce? Join our discussion this week as we outline the importance of knowing how taxes can impact your settlement, your future income as singles, the children and more. Please read my article: The Benefits of Hiring a Financial Advisor.

Planning with Dollars and Sense – The Taxman Cometh and I am Here to Help

Congress finally got around to renewing the Bush era tax rates so what now. Join me and my guest as we discuss what this all means for individual taxpayers and small business owners. We define rates, credits, estate tax implications and arm you with enough information to ask intelligent questions of your tax advisor, estate planning attorney and financial advisor. We discuss the advantages of the Social Security tax holiday for the employee and self-employed. Will it extend beyond the initial 6 months? What is next with the Estate Tax and Capital Gains tax? Can individuals and small business owners finally gain some certainty? Join me for a lively and informative show.

Planning with Dollars and Sense – The Year in Review: Events and Trends That Shaped The Markets and TheEconomy

Today’s show will review events and trends in the markets and the economy in
2010 important to everyone striving to build their financial security, aswell as discuss year-end financial planning advice. I will also peer intothe future to share my outlook for the New Year, what and where should you
be now. Is gold the place to be? The bond market? The Stock Market?

Planning with Dollars and Sense – Divorce Financial Analysis: Will I be Okay or Out on the Street?

Emotions are running high and the financial issues inherent to every divorce case are often times the ones that are the most overlooked. Once a divorce settlement has been signed, it’s too late to change it. Who should keep the house? How much will it cost to live post divorce? How much alimony is there going to be and for how long? Will the custody arrangement affect child support? How can the retirement accounts be split and the money accessed? How can a business be offset? Should a business be valued? What is the value of health care benefits? Most important of all, will the clients be able to financially survive (and thrive) with the settlement post divorce? Join me for a discussion of what you need to know and what to ask your financial advisor and attorney.

Planning with Dollars and Sense – College Planning:Negotiating for Endowment Funds

Circle of Neighbors is a community based organization serving thousands of families for over 25 years with over 30,000 national members. They started with a local group of parents with college bound students, many of whom were told they may not qualify for aid because of income and assets. Our motto of Neighbor Helping Neighbor complements the efforts of counselors and parents and provides students the opportunity to receive funding they often never knew could be available. Our partnership with the American College Student Registry connects us with students through School Honor Rolls, National Honor Society, Counselors and Teachers, Pre-college tests – PSAT, SAT, ACT, referred by one of our community volunteers, the Who’s Who among American High School Students, students with interests, talents, sports, music, theater etc., and students referred by other members or school ambassadors. Tune in to hear how your college bound kids can realize their college dreams.

Planning with Dollars and Sense – Financial Planning: What, When, How and Why?

The global economic downturn began fall 2008 and people became concerned for their futures.There were several high profile scams that created a lack of public trust. We, as Financial Planners are not calling this another Great Depression, but how we work with our clients going forward will change dramatically. American individuals and companies have lost trillions in portfolio market values and as a result, it is time for the investing public to re-focus on long term life and investment planning. My show will introduce the concept of long term financial and life planning to weather the market downturns and manage your future financial goals and dreams. To find a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ in your area go to