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How To Live Cancer Free

Bill Henderson

How to Live Cancer Free – Here’s Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby With Great Advice

Guest Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby has over 37 years experience as a holistic medical practitioner, including 27 years as an M.D. in England. In this interview with Bill Henderson, he tells you about his new book called Cancer Confidential. This book joins Dr. Scott-Mumby’s Diet-Wise and Virtual Medicine books to form a trio of great healing information books. In the “Cancer-in-the-News” segment, Bill tells you about a Health Revolution Petition which you can sign to get natural health issues to each member of Congress and to President Obama. He also talks about buckwheat as a great nutrition source.

Bill Henderson starts the show by discusses a Health Revolution Petition (of which he was one of the first people in America to sign!) that is out to stop the unfair treatment of those who are in alternative medicine. Are you interested in helping holistic healers? Are you tired of greedy pharmaceutical companies? Do you feel that the government is too involved in some areas of medicine and completely ignores any alternatives? If so, then you’re going to want to hear what Bill Henderson has to say on this provocative issue!

Next up: Buckwheat! This seed–which is, in fact, not a “wheat” at all!–is completely gluten-free. What are the benefits of buckwheat? And does this fascinating seed have a place in a Cancer patient’s diet?

Last, Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby joins Bill Henderson to share his expertise as a doctor in the Cancer field. Many survivors have written books on the subject, but few to none of them have an actual medical background. “You can’t save every patient, from every disease, just by diet alone,” says Dr. Scott-Mumby. However, this does not invalidate the positive results garnered by holistic methods of Cancer treatment.

Are you in a constant battle with friends and family? Are you tired of explaining why you’re not being a “good little boy or girl” and taking your Chemotherapy like the doctor told you? Arm yourself with information! Tune in now.