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How To Live Cancer Free

Bill Henderson

How to Live Cancer Free – Understanding Radiation Hormesis

Bill Henderson discusses Cancer-in-the-News: Vitamin D3 and radiation hormesis. Are these the “wonderful new Cancer treatment” they’re cracked up to be? Bill then interviews Andy Scholberg, a freelance writer who has toured Cancer clinics in Mexico, Germany and the U.S. and written three e-books about his experiences; Cancer Defeated,Cancer Breakthrough USA, and German Cancer Breakthrough. Andy has some really interesting stories about healings at these clinics, and he’s here to share. If you’re considering using a clinic, this is the episode for you.
Host Bill Henderson starts off the episode with a review of Max GXL, some tips on how to prevent weight loss, and gives an update on the progress of an upcoming e-book for helpful recipes for Cancer patients. For his Cancer-in-the-News segment, Bill discusses Vitamin D3–”It’s almost impossible to overdose on Vitamin D3, especially if you’re sick,” he says. Learn where you can get the best, most extensive, information on this miracle vitamin; as well as how much of it you need per day!
Have you heard of radiation hormesis? Bill Henderson has done the research and has all the facts for you. How does it differ from conventional Cancer radiation treatments? Is radon actually harmful or has our history of “nuclear fright” kept us from exploring something potentially beneficial?
In the interview portion of the show, Andy Scholberg shares stories from around the world–traveling from Cancer clinic to Cancer clinic across the globe. You’ll hear stories about clinics from Mexico, Germany, and the United States. How do their methods differ How do they use DMSO? Is it better to stay at the clinic or in a local hotel? What are these clinics really like? Is there a language barrier to deal with…?
“The great thing about these clinics is that they’re really more like a bed and breakfast than a hospital,” says Scholberg. Are you fed up with the treatment you’ve been getting in your homeland’s clinic? Maybe it’s time to try somewhere new. If you’re ready to experience Cancer treatment a whole new way, this is the episode for you!