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Kate Delaney

Gail Miller – Owner of the Utah Jazz

Imagine starting out as a woman entrepreneur and finding yourself in the position of owning multiple businesses,  Not just small businesses I mean big stuff, 60 car dealerships, a major market franchise sports team – The Utah Jazz! for example.
How would you give back ? Join Kate as she talks with Gail Miller, who actually dies own the Jazz and those dealerships about her ongoing plans supporting her communities from Literacy projects to scholarships for employees.   Tapping into her worker’s own passions, she matches employee contributions through a “Give Me Five” program, which is then deployed locally to help causes her employees choose.
This is how you win the Horizon Award.  It’s a Congressional Award Foundation, honor and Gail is just about to receive this prestigious award that recognizes leaders in the private sector committed to making the world a better place.  And check out Gail‘s book – Courage to be Yourself  available now on Amazon.com