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On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War

On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War – A New Kind of Terrorist in America

We have all been following along the past few weeks related to the Boston Bombing on Patriots Day that targeted innocent Boston Marathon spectators.

We now know that this was another attack on American soil by radical Muslim Terrorists who hate our nation for what it stands for, our way of life, and our belief systems. Furthermore, we have also learned that these attacks where perpetrated by two brothers – whose names I refuse to use or acknowledge.

A few things in my mind make this attack different and stand out as something we need to be aware of. Some striking facts should make you sit up, scratch your head and asking for answers and change. First of all our nation’s policy of being overly politically correct is getting people killed.

Second…. This is a different breed of terrorist than we have been overtly fighting in 10 plus years of war abroad. These are Chechen terrorists – Russian citizens who attacked Americans on American Soil. Radical Chechen Islamic terrorist inside our boarder is a BIG deal.

Lastly, our more than open door policies and weakness for political correctness allowed an 8 yr old boy eating ice cream to be murdered by an improvised bomb in an American street, in an American city, during a Patriotic celebration. The FBI had one of their names, had interviewed him, making this at least 5 individuals now who have went on to perpetrate terror attacks on Americans after being red flagged. Why?

About the Special Guest: Dr. Robert Rail
Dr. Robert Rail is recognized as an International Expert Trainer. He has taught his “understanding body language” techniques & methods to people from 60+ countries. Bob was responsible for designing curriculums & instructing elite police officers from 60+ nations deploying in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Jordan, Asia, and Africa while he worked with the UN Police Task Force. Bob was also a resident instructor at the Specialized Advanced Training Unit of the High Institute of the Baghdad Police College, and was awarded a second doctorate degree for his exceptional abilities as an international instructor. Undoubtedly, he is an internationally respected Master Instructor. Through all his teachings and daily living, he displays a constant flow of encouragement, enthusiasm, and instructional humor. He has authored 5 books, including: “The Unspoken Dialogue” and “Surviving the International War Zone”

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