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Stephanie Erickson

Caregivers’ Circle – The Healthy Caregiver: Tips to stay engaged, healthy and present as a caregiver

“I can’t do this anymore”, “I’ve hit my breaking point”  “I’m losing it”….these are some of the things I hear from caregivers.  I get it.  Caregiving is exhausting and can drain us of our physical, emotional and spiritual energy.  I also hear other caregivers talk about the joy and satisfaction they feel as a caregiver.  Can we have both?  Can we be equally exhausted and satisfied?   This week’s guest, Amy Goyer, author of Juggling Life, Work and Caregiving, caregiving expert for AARP and a caregiver herself discusses some of the ways in which caregivers burn out and how to prevent that.  For more AARP resources visit the Caregiver Resource Center and the Random Acts of Kindness Contest.

Worried about a senior living at home?  Do you obsess over whether it is the right time to move to a senior’s retirement residence or care facility?  Or is it the time to bring care into the home?  This week’s Resource Report features the book Stay or Move: How to Talk to a Senior about their Changing Needs and Retirement Residences,written by Marie-Claude Giguère.