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Naturally Vibrant Living with Diane Brandon

Diane Brandon

Naturally Vibrant Living – Cell Phones – Hazardous to Our Health or Not?

You’ve heard the debate about whether cell phones harm our health. Some scientists and public officials declare that they’re perfectly safe, while other reports dispute this. Is there any research you may not have heard about? Diane Brandon is joined this week by Dr. Kerry Crofton, author of Wireless Radiation Rescue. Dr. Crofton has reviewed research studies worldwide and is not in agreement with the official view and pronouncement. She shares some surprising research with us that has implications for our health and what we should be doing to preserve it.

Naturally Vibrant Living – Epidemic in Diabetes – A Hopeful Natural Approach

We have been seeing a virtual epidemic in cases of diabetes, with many people taking medication for the rest of their lives. Is there any hope for a natural treatment for it? Diane Brandon is joined this week by Dr. Stefan Ripich, a Naturopath and author of The 30-Day Diabetes Cure, who has had remarkable success in treating and even reversing diabetes through a natural approach. If you have diabetes or have a family member who does, you’ll want to listen. This is important information!

Naturally Vibrant Living – Technology Advances and the Problems of Increasing E-Waste – One Beneficial Solution

In the past fifteen years, we have seen increasing advances in technology with new models of cell phones and computers coming on the market constantly. What do you do with your old electronic products when you replace them? And could e-waste be hazardous to the environment or your health? Diane Brandon is joined this week by Jeremy Cohen, Founder and CEO of Exchange My Phone. Mr. Cohen became quite familiar with the problem of e-waste, and he decided to do something about it. He shares with us the hidden problems and downside of our increasing technology, as well as what we can do to benefit both the environment and health – ours and others’.

Naturally Vibrant Living – A Difficult Topic that Impacts the Environment – A Greener Way of Honoring our Loved Ones

One subject that can be very difficult to talk about is that of how we honor and take care of our loved ones when they pass away. Yes, this is something that many of us don’t care to dwell on. However, could it be that what we’re doing could be having a negative effect on the environment and health? Diane Brandon is joined this week by Mark Harris, a former Environmental Columnist with the Los Angeles Times and author of Grave Matters – A Journey through the Modern Funeral Industry to a Natural Way of Burial. Mr. Harris has studied our modern funeral and burial practices – and their impacts – quite extensively. He has some important information to share with us on this delicate topic that has remained in the shadows for too long. As it turns out, there are some healthier and greener alternatives.

Naturally Vibrant Living – Playing an Active Role in Saving Your Own Life – One Woman’s Story

No one wants to be told that he or she has a major, life-threatening disease. And cancer is definitely one we don’t want to have. Sadly, we’ve seen the incidence of cancer rise quite a bit in the past several years. If you were diagnosed with cancer, what would you do? Would you try to learn as much as you could about your illness and play an active role in your treatment? Diane Brandon is joined this week by Kathleen O’Keefe Kanavos, a two-time cancer survivor. Ms. Kanavos had an aggressive form of breast cancer – twice – and struggled to save her own life. She not only underwent conventional treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation treatment, but also pursued some natural and alternative modalities. She shares with us what she did and the effect she feels it all had on her and on her health. Hers is an illustrative story.

Naturally Vibrant Living – The Toll that Your Lawn Takes on the Environment – Helpful Alternatives

Have you ever stopped to think about the impact that your lawn might have? We take lawns as a way of life, at least in the United States. However, are they good for the environment? Diane Brandon is joined this week by Liz Primeau, Founding Editor of Canadian Gardening Magazine and author of Front Yard Gardens. Ms. Primeau lectures on gardening and has researched this topic extensively. She shares some interesting information on this topic, along with some really helpful alternatives that increasing numbers of people are availing themselves of. As it turns out, you can benefit your local ecosystem and wildlife by changing some of the things you’re doing.

Naturally Vibrant Living – A Major and Lesser Known Health Problem – How to Combat it

There’s a “silent killer” that many of us are unaware of. What is it – and what can you do to avoid it and safeguard your health? Diane Brandon is joined this week by Dr. James Privitera, a Holistic Medical Doctor and author of Silent Clots. Dr. Privitera has both researched and seen this medical problem firsthand with patients and also uses a diagnostic tool that’s rather simple yet effective. Dr. Privitera feels that this health issue is not being widely recognized and that there’s resistance among the medical establishment to using this diagnostic tool. However, there are things that you can do to avoid this problem and safeguard your health.

Naturally Vibrant Living – Vitamins and Health – Which Supplements are Helpful and Can They Help to Prevent Cancer?

Many of us have been taking vitamins and supplements for years, sometimes as a result of research we’ve read on the health benefits of various nutrients. How can you tell if what you’re taking is helpful? And can vitamins help to prevent cancer? Diane Brandon is joined this week by Dr. Kedar Prasad, Former Director of the Center for Vitamins and Cancer Research at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and author of Fighting Cancer with Vitamins and Antioxidants. Dr. Prasad has amassed a large body of knowledge about vitamins and supplements based upon his research, and there are some surprising implications for the supplements and specific nutrients that we take.

Naturally Vibrant Living – Water Shortages – Another Indication of an Imperiled Environment?

We’ve all heard that we need to conserve water. However, there has been less coverage of what our water supply status actually is. Is our supply of water under assault these days? Is the situation getting better or worse? And what can you do? Diane Brandon is joined this week by Robert Glennon, Morris K. Udall Professor of Law and Policy in Rogers College of Law at University of Arizona and author of Unquenchable — America’s Water Crisis and What to Do about it. Mr. Glennon shares some starting information on the status of our water supply, where we’re headed, and what can be done about it.

Naturally Vibrant Living – Greening Your Health Care – Herbal Approaches to Male & Female Issues

As many people have been greening their lives and their health, they may have neglected a centuries-old approach: that of herbal medicine. As you probably know, many of our contemporary medicines come from the plant world. How could you treat some common male and female issues with herbs? Diane Brandon is joined this week by Susun Weed, a Master Herbalist and one of the “founding grandmothers of the herbal renaissance, as well as author of Down There – Sexual and Reproductive Health. Ms. Weed has been researching, using, and teaching others about herbs for many years. She shares not just her considerable expertise with us, but also some natural approaches to common conditions.