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How To Live Cancer Free

Bill Henderson

How to Live Cancer Free – “Anti-Aging — Out of the Box” by Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby

In this encore presentation, Bill Henderson interviews Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby,
a medical professional for 40 years. His new book is called “Anti-Aging — Out
Of The Box.” In it, he describes all the ways you can personally extend your
lifespan and the healthy years you enjoy. He is not talking about “normal”
life expectancies of 75 or 80 years. He is talking 120 to 150 years. We should
all be able to do this now. The information to help us do that is available NOW.
He has compressed all the science about anti-aging into this wonderful book.
You will find it at
By all means, go there and get this book. It will help you live a long, healthy
life. What’s better than that? In the Cancer-in-the-News segment Bill discusses
CT/PET scans and their harm to the body and the wonderful fruit — bananas.