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ACT: Taking Hurt to Hope

JoAnne Dahl, Ph.D.

ACT: Taking Hurt to Hope – Russ Harris program

Join us today for a discussion about what we do when reality slaps us
in the face.
Events that come out of left field in life can and do hurt. Reality
slaps us much harder when identify ourselves with certain pictures of
the way our lives ?should look?. What happens, for example, when you
identify yourself as a solid married person and suddenly your partner
leaves you? A slap from reality hurts. No doubt about it, and when we
hurt we naturally brace ourselves with resistance or non-acceptance.
You can feel this resistance in every body cell. A tension, like a lock
down. And you can see thoughts like, this isn’t fair, Why me? Not now,
Just when things were going so well. This lock down in resistance
causes suffering.
Today, our guest is Dr Russ Harris. Russ is an Australian physician and
ACT trainer who is the author of many popular ACT self help books.
Among others Russ is the author of a book called The Reality Slap. You
can read more about Russ and all of his books on his home page
You will find his page as well as the link to this book by clicking
on his name on this weeks program on Russ Harris has
shows us 4 basic steps of how to go from the hurt of grief and loss to
hope. Thank you for joining us today