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ACT: Taking Hurt to Hope

JoAnne Dahl, Ph.D.

ACT: Taking Hurt to Hope – ACT and Parenting Struggles

Join us today for a discussion about what I think is the most difficult, the most painful and the greatest source of joy in my life, parenting children. Parenting is stressful. There’s no way of getting around that. And since we don’t like stress, we all have the tendency to avoid. One of the main ways parents avoid stress when dealing with children is to try and control the emotional reactions of the child. This move gets us into all kinds of trouble.
Our guests today are Dr D.J Moran, the executive director of the MidAmerican Psychological Institute and Dr. Melissa Rowland, clinical fellow at the MidAmerican Psychological Institute. DJ is a coauthor of ACT in Practice, a book about case conceptualization in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and he is a recognized ACT trainer. He is also on the board of directors of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Sciences. He and Melissa have been working together on ACT-based projects since 2009. One of the important topics they have team up on parent training and helping parents deal with stress. You can find out more about DJ’s book, ACT in Practice by going to and stay in contact with them by going to the MidAmerican Psychological Institute website: