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ACT: Taking Hurt to Hope

JoAnne Dahl, Ph.D.

ACT: Taking Hurt to Hope – Struggling with End of Life

Welcome to ACT Taking hurt to hope. Today we are going to talk about
how we can help ourselves and those dear to us when we get a life
threatening illness and or when we are faced with the fact that we don?
t have long to live. We all know we will die at some point and most of
us have an idea that we will live healthy to a ripe old age and then
die peacefully. It can be quite a chock to get a diagnosis of cancer,
for example in mid life or even as a young person. How we relate to
this information and to the natural degeneration of our bodies or the
changes in loved ones is most important. It is natural to feel grief
and sadness about an impending death of a loved one. And it becomes
even more important how we spend this precious final stage in life.
Today you will have the opportunity of listening to an expert Dr Ray
who is a clinical psychologist specialized in the impact of severe
physical health problems mostly cancer care and palliative care. Ray
works at the National Health Service in the UK in Oncology clinics and
Hospice Settings. Ray is the authors of ‘Facing the Storm:Using CBT,
Mindfulness and Acceptance to Build Resilience When Your World’s
Falling Apart':// ) and a forthcoming ‘Living
with the Enemy:Coping with the stress of chronic illness using CBT,
Mindfulness and Acceptance’. You can read more about Ray and his books
on his website