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Solutions in Plain Sight

Anne C. Graham

Solutions in Plain Sight – [FREE EBOOK] Solutions When Your First-Line Supervisors are Sinking Instead of Swimming

When individual contributors are promoted to first-line supervisor or manager, its one of the most challenging times in their career. All of a sudden they’re responsible for managing their buddies, and more often than not, they make mistakes that cost your company a bundle. When it’s time to sink or swim, Hugh Alley’s one key question and simple 4-step approach can make the difference.

Hugh brings 25+ years of hands-on experience to the art of first-line supervisory success, as President and Founder of First Line Training Inc. The firm helps clients increase productivity and profitability by improving the skills of front line managers and supervisors. With practical, uncommon sense, Hugh provides a process you can start using immediately to help your first-time supervisors be more successful.

You’ll hear the story of Stu, a well-intentioned but challenged first-line supervisor who was on the edge of losing the respect and loyalty of his team, and how he turned it around. You’ll learn four specific techniques for solving the biggest challenge faced by supervisors that causes endless rework, frustration, and drives unnecessary costs into your company.

Solutions in Plain Sight Radio is all about the AHA! Moments that move the needle in your business, and leadership that truly engages and motivates every one your team is definitely a needle-mover. Simple. Practical. Profitable. Solutions. Your next step? Listen, and then connect via email with Hugh or visit the website for your copy of his free eBook, Four Secrets to Buying Outstanding Training Programs. Explore more free resources that provide the solutions you need to achieve the big goals you have in your business.