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ACT: Taking Hurt to Hope

JoAnne Dahl, Ph.D.

ACT: Taking Hurt to Hope – Training Prosocial Behavior using the Matrix

Just about every part of the US has been hit by some form of terrorist attack since 1970. Even here in Scandivia where Terrorism has been virtually unknown, we have experience a sucide bomber in the center of stockholm during Christmas shopping rush and the terrorist bombing of the government building in Oslo and the following massicre at young people’s camp out side Oslo by a single individual.Since the Oklahoma city bombing, a greater port of terrorist attacks have been carried out by individuals rather than organized groups. It seems that we all have tendencies to categorize, stereotype each other, evaluate groups as good and bad and polarize positions as right and wrong. Our brains are built to learn and remember bad experiences and this often leads to hatred, racism and violence. Compassion and cooperation can be trained and does make a difference in this world. This program will illustrated how actual training the brain for compassion develops empathy, cooperation and longstanding vital relationships.

This program shows how some basic principles of psychology and evolutionary science can help us make a better world. Left unmanaged, evolution often takes us where we dont want to go.

In 2009 Elinor Ostrom recieved the nobel prize in economics for showing that people that are capable of managing their common resouces on there own but only when certain conditons are met. She was able to identify 8 principles that enable groups to manage common pool resources successfully. These principles are consistent with basic evolutionary dynamics of cooperation in all species and proviea practical guide for any group attempting to achieve common objectives.Today you are going to get a change to listen to an ACT expert who has done just this. Dr Kevin Polk. He is a psychology chief in the Veterans Affairs healthcare system in the USA. He’s best known for developing the Matrix diagram for learning and doing ACT training and therapy. Kevin is the editor and author of a book in progress for New Harbinger called The Matrix: The ACT Hexaflex Made Easy. You can read more about Kevin on his home

page You can read more about Kevin on his home page (here I need your address). which you can find by just clicking his name on this week’s program on