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John Henigin

From Competitive Fishing To Kick Back Fishing

To open the show we bring back Lace Allanius, the journalist who loves fishing.
She’s stays with us for the entire show. Here’s Lace’s web site:
We also get Fred Garth on the phone. He’s the editor-in-chief for Guy Harvey Magazine. Beautiful web site at
Up next it’s Devin Olsen with Tactical Fly Fishers out of Utah. Tactical offers competitive fly fishing techniques and gear for the mainstream angler. Awesome equipment and more info at Contact Devin at The phone number is 801-870-7091.
We get Joe Valdez on the line. Joe manages both San Diego Freedom Boat Clubs. Details about Freedom Boat Club at
Joe’s email is Or call 619-985-9247.
Our last guest is Matt Herod with Salmon Falls Resort. Check out The time is now to reserve your spot for our trip to Alaska at the end of July. Details at
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