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Sloane Freemont

Ununique Thoughts

Did you know those self-sabotaging thoughts you think like “this will never work” or “it can’t happen for me” are so ununique? That everyone else has thought them before, or something similar and may even be thinking them now? That goes for everyone, including the people you look up to. On this week’s show, I talk about how it can feel like these thoughts have power over us. But if you look at them for what they are (false), you can start to see they aren’t unique to us. And because of that, that means those thoughts aren’t really that special and actually don’t hold any power over us unless we let them!  I share some examples from my own life and give you actionable steps you can take in your own life to remove these thoughts and get on to better feeling thoughts so you can feel better and create more of what you want! There’s so much good in store for all of us in 2020, please make sure to visit my website www.sloanefreemont.com and sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss out!! Songs this week include Halloween by Walker Hayes and Bathroom Sink by Miranda Lambert. Our sponsor this week is Steph Hendel and her Body Built By Love course. You can find out more about this life-changing program at the website Body Built by Love with Steph Hendel or find Steph on Facebook. Use promo code: SLOANE for your custom discount pricing.