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Sloane Freemont

Everything Is Always Working Out For Me

Welcome to April! What a wild ride we’ve had this month and who knows what’s around the corner for us, but we can decide to believe it’s going to be good! I’ve chosen to believe that whatever comes our way is going to be in our best interest. Whatever is next is going to bring us opportunities, expansion and more fun in our lives! That is why I’ve chosen this month’s theme to be: Everything is always working out for me. If you listen to this show, you know you have a choice in how you want to look at things. You can choose your thoughts and also choose not to think your thoughts! So as this month unfolds, amidst what can feel like chaos and confusion, let’s all focus on this month’s theme that “everything is always working out for me” and see where that takes us! Songs this week include Belong by X Ambassadors and Come On Out by The Airborne Toxic Event. Please make sure to visit my website www.sloanefreemont.com and sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss out!!