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Sloane Freemont

Mind Your Fear

We are in sort of an abyss right now, this uncomfortable place because we don’t really know when this quarantine is going to end. Dates are thrown around but we have no idea what’s firm or not and we don’t really have an end in sight. I think most of us right now are feeling this anxiety, this un-comfortableness, and this itch to get out and get back to the real world and do the things we love again. It’s easy to fall into the fear trap and let that run the show for us so this week is all about how to mind that fear. I share some examples from my own life and also a reminder that the law of attraction works in all areas of your life, including what is happening right now. My intention for this week’s show is to bring you some calm and peace as we move forward to brighter days. Songs this week include Undone by Pogo and Hocking by Cosmo Sheldrake.

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