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Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

Roy Richards

Calming Your Mind in the Digital Age

The endless onslaught of digital content in today’s cyber era is fragmenting our mental ability to focus on, organize and process relevant facts to creatively solve problems. With 24/7 search engine access, calming the mind is becoming increasingly difficult. Consciousness expert and author Lyn Lesch describes simple steps to help you detach from today’s digital onslaught, quiet the mind and organize your thought process. Learn the how digital overload radically alters the way we think and remember and disrupts the power for creative thinking. Learn three steps you can take periodically to calm your mind then restore its ability for independent creative thinking. Beauty advocate Christy Hall reveals the power you have to care for your skin “on a deep and impactful level” so you will look and feel your best at any age. Tune in to discover a wide variety of natural skincare, skin rejuvenation and nutritional products and procedures that will keep your skin healthy and attractive as you grow older.