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Sloane Freemont

Let It Be a New Beginning

One of the songs this week I chose was called Begin Againers and I love the intro line to the song: “There’s nothing like a blank page, you get to start from scratch. It could be anything man there’s no catch.” Don’t we all love getting a new notebook, or starting with a blank page where anything is possible? On this week’s show, that is what we are talking about, new beginnings. And not only about new beginnings but actually choosing to let it be a new beginning. When we make a conscious effort to stop looking at the past for answers and let the new come in, we can start to shift and expand in many ways in our own lives. So this week, is all about new beginnings and becoming begin againers ourselves. Songs this week include Begin Againers by Scott Mulvahill and I Am by Fia. Please make sure to visit my website www.sloanefreemont.com to sign up for my newsletter and stay connected!