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Journey Into An Unknown World

Margaret Rogers Van Coops Ph.D.

Journey Into An Unknown World – Be Grateful and Sharing

Some of us are living a routine that was dictated back in the 1950’s. It has created a series of roles that have affected both men and women. Although the family unit played a greater and more positive position in our lives, we in the Western world have somehow forgotten the values of that era.
In many countries, however, people are being forced by poverty and oppression to live on hand-me-downs and donations from more fortunate neighbors and organizations that are trying hard to keep up with their circumstances. Refugees and other victims of war in the Middle East have learned to live in survival mode, rationing water and food, mending their clothes over and over and going without food in order to feed their children. Our solution for them is to throw money and hand-me-downs their way. If we ever are faced with poverty and starvation, many of us may be ill-prepared because, as a culture, we have forgotten how to be generous and sharing to our neighbors. We have forgotten how to adapt to a harsh environment. Many girls cannot cook and boys cannot build things with wood. Creativity has given way to the game screen of a computer.
Take this Journey and let Dr. Margaret open your eyes to a kinder and more gentle pathway. She takes you on a special Journey of the Mind as she reveals a vision of reality in our world that we are seldom able to see.