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Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

Roy Richards

How to Look and Feel 7 Years Younger

You can look and feel 7 years younger without the need for ‘cover-up’ makeup or costly face-lift surgery. Natural health and wellness specialist Dr. Lynn Migdal explains why your only pre-qualifications are to be alive and to possess a spine and nervous system. Unlike conventional treatment of symptoms, explore a holistic, inner-driven solution to self-healing and self-empowerment that will leave you looking and feeling healthier, younger and thinner!
Learn how to incorporate ‘breath work’ to oxygenate the brain and de-tox your body systems.The reward? More vibrant skin, better memory and overall vitality. Discover her unique ‘ChiroChi’ methods to weight loss, increased stamina and peaceful, pain-free living. Anti-aging expert Sandy DeRose reveals a broad array of inexpensive, easily-obtainable foods, lotions and vitamin supplements to help keep you young, fit and energetic at any age.  Learn more about Roy Richards here.