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Sales are a key aspect when it comes to business performance. If your sales are weak then your revenue decreases and no one wants that. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get your prospective clients to actually beg you to sell your service or product to them? Did you know that the old fashion way of selling still works best when you learn how to apply to secret strategies of selling? Do you know the one thing that you can say to a prospect that will have them wanting to know more? Do you know the one thing that you can do to actually turn prospects away from you and it is not what you think? Did you know that if someone does not give you a no that opens up the opportunity to sell? Is follow up really important, even if the prospect says they are not interested? Do you know the importance of getting to the no and what you should do when this happen? Would you like to learn 7 easy things you can do to increase your sales in the sales cycle?  Join us as Beatrice Stonebanks shares how to make sales easier with success and ease.