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Rochéle Lawson

Manage Your Health and Well-Being, Personally

How do you manage your health and well-being? Do you solely rely upon your doctor to help you manage your health and well-being or do you take an active role in managing your health and well-being?  Do you know why you should never leave the doctor’s office without complete clarification of what is going on with you? If you have been diagnosed with a medical condition, do you understand what is happening in your body? What laboratory test was performed? What the results of each test are and what it means? If you see a traditional medical doctor are you aware that the only treatment options you will receive are medication, radiation or surgery? Have you heard of the benefits of working with more than one “type” of doctor? Dr. Kajiki shares so much wisdom on how to manage your health and well-being and why it is the most important thing that you should do.