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Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

Roy Richards

You’re ‘the Boss’ But Are You a Leader?

If not now, at some point you will be called upon to direct the activities of others. You are or will be the “boss” but are you a leader? Acclaimed leadership coach Kevin Eikenberry explains why managing others is not the same as leading them. Tune in to discover his “Three-O Leadership Model” to help you inspire others, the biggest lever to increased job satisfaction for your entire team. Uncover methods to diagnose team effectiveness, motivate under-performers, delegate more effectively and reward creativity. Host RoyRichards presents his “Ten Commandments of Collective Renewal,” sure-fire strategies to recharge your enterprise bottom to top. Explore proven tactics to unite diverse talents, win over resisters, encourage and reward disruptors and transform your enterprise from “lagging’ to “out-front.”