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Rochéle Lawson

Eternal Dharma Your True Life’s Purpose

Have you ever asked yourself the question… what is my purpose is here on earth? Are you curious as to what spiritual enlightenment is and how it fits with discovering your  “True” purpose?  Have you ever pondered the thought of what’s the difference between being spiritual and being religious or if there is even a difference? Do you really understand what is meant by Karma and if it just relates to negative things versus positive things that occur in your life?

Are purpose, spiritual enlightenment and Karma related to how many challenges or successes we have in life?  Vishnu Swami shares his wisdom on all of this and more. He offers insight on a deep level about Dharma in a language that is very easy and simple to understand. He shares nuggets of gold on how we can move toward our “True “purpose, our Dharma and shares a very simple and powerful technique that we can use and do to helps us, as we travel down our path to Bliss.