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Designing Your Space For Success in Life

Feng Shui .. What is it and how does it affect the success you manifest in life? Have you ever thought about the way your bedroom, office or home is designed and how that may affect the flow of prosperity in your life? Do you know that the location of your bedroom or office within the building may have a lot to do with the success or wealth you manifest in life?

Did you know that how a building is situated on a lot can actually affect the flow of prosperity to those within that building? Did you know that the colors you use to decorate your living space can affect how the flow of prosperity comes into your life?

If you have ever wanted to learn about Feng Shui or if you are just curios about this kind of stuff, then I invite you to join me as I chat with Deanna Radaj a Lifestyle Designer who is also known as the “House Whisper.” Deanna shares simple techniques that we can do immediately, to enhance the flow of prosperity in our living spaces and our life.