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Today is the Day for Holistic Weight Loss and Detox

Are you someone that puts off something that you can do today until tomorrow? When it comes to weight loss, have you tried “diets” however none of them seem to work? Or the weight does not stay off very long? or you suffer from digestive issues when you try these “diets?” Are you a person that wants to lose weight but says “oh I will get to that tomorrow, I don’t really want to change what I eat because I like it or I will just gain the weight back so why bother? Have you heard about detoxification? Do you know that by doing a detox you can reset your taste buds and decrease cravings and sensitivities? Ann Musico shares her words of wisdom and guidance on how you can successful “diet” and keep the weight off and why you need to do it in a holistic format so that what you accomplish stays with you forever.