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Aging Without Limits

Alicia Stanton MD


We were saddened to learn that Alicia Stanton recently lost her battle against breast cancer. All of us on the WebTalkRadio team admired her passion, commitment and zest for life.

Jim LaMarca, her broadcast coach said “Alicia had a real gift for communicating her thoughts and connecting with her audience. She was not only an accomplished professional in her field but also had a warmth and sense of humor that was very engaging”

Brad Saul, President of Matrix Media recorded his thoughts about Alicia and her remarkable accomplishments. This recording is posted as Alicia’s last program.

Aging Without Limits – Stress and Weight Gain – The Walking Meditation to Relieve Stress and Lose Weight

In my book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Hormone Weight Loss, I discuss Principle #4, Energize with Stress Reduction and Sleep. Stress causes a rise in cortisol, one of our fight or flight hormones. Listen in as I discuss the connection between stress, cortisol, insulin and weight gain. Then, our expert, Manuela Stoerzer Vogt, will teach us the ease and effectiveness of a walking meditation. I was amazed at how beneficial this technique is! I will also discuss other simple practices you can incorporate into your life today to help you reduce stress and balance your hormones. Thank you to my sponsor, ZRT Laboratories, for their help!

Aging Without Limits – Natural Remedies for Cancer

The incidence of cancer varies greatly in many populations and it is felt that the difference is due mainly to diet and environment. My guest, Dr. Ajay Goel, is the Director of Epigenetics and Cancer Prevention at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, TX. He has spent 20 years researching cancer and is one of the top scientists in the world investigating botanical interventions. Listen in as we learn about epigenetics, the study of changes in gene activity that affect our risk of getting cancer. Learn how you can reduce your risk with what you eat and how you live. As always, thank you to my sponsor, ZRT Laboratories, for all of their help.

Aging Without Limits – Your Inner Pharmacy and Your Passion100311

This week, I have two great guests who will share their knowledge with us! Dr. Robert Blaich, the author of Your Inner Pharmacy, will discuss our innate abilities to maintain balance in our bodies. How can we make our own anti-inflammatory chemicals? How can we train our bodies to burn fat? Dr. Blaich has those answers. My second guest, Linda Koss, followed her passion to start a magazine, South Bay Woman, and two radio shows that give women the resources to continue their businesses in the face of challenge. She will show us how we can all follow our own passions – no matter what they are. As always, thank you to my sponsor, ZRT Labs!

Aging Without Limits – Eating Right – Why Our Current Diets Don’t Work

Obesity is rising and our current way of eating is not working well for us. What is the problem? Our genes were not designed to handle our current food choices. We have an overabundance of some hormones and not enough of others. How does this all fit together and what can we do to make our diet work better for us? In today’s show, I discuss the answers to these questions with information from my new book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Hormone Weight Loss. My guest, Denise Martin, author of Eating My Way to Heaven, will discuss conscious eating and how what we eat affects our immune system. As always, thank you to my sponsor, ZRT Laboratories.

Aging Without Limits – Exercise – It’s More Than Just Moving Around

We know that exercise is important for our health. But why? It’s more than just moving around, it’s about building muscle and increasing your vitality. What’s the big deal about muscle and what is the best way to build it up? Find out why exercise is one of the Principles for Hormone Weight Loss you’ll find in my newest book. My guest, Carolyn Phillips helps me answer many of those questions. She also has a passion for business and explains why vitality is important to business people today. I want to thank my sponsor, ZRT Labs!

Aging Without Limits – Toxin-free Health and Beauty Secrets

In my new book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Hormone Weight Loss, one of the principles I focus on is the elimination of toxins. Toxins can enter our bodies through our food and drink, the air we breathe, cleaning products and our health and beauty products. My guest, Louisa Maccan-Graves, has been modeling in Hollywood for years and is an expert in simple, non-toxic health solutions. You’ll be amazed at her recipes for skin care regimen you can make from things you have at home right now. Wait until you hear how she helped a woman lose 100 pounds! Make sure you have a pen and paper ready for this show. As always, thank you to my sponsor, ZRT Laboratories.

Aging Without Limits – Living By Design and Honoring the Energy of the Body

Many of us wonder if we’re really doing the right things for our bodies as we age. There is so much information out there about what to eat, what type of exercise we should do and how we should approach many aspects of our lives. But, what is right for you? My guest today, Lynn Hargis, is the Founder and Head Coach of Living By Design, a coaching company specializing in Relational Communications and Nutritional Lifestyles. She has also created Nutrition Transition, a systematic way of eating, drinking and thinking that can restore the body and promote optimal health. Listen to Lynn and I as we discuss what you can learn from your own body about what you should be feeding it – through your food and your mind. As always, thank you to my sponsor ZRT Laboratories.

Aging Without Limits – Releasing Self-Limiting Beliefs

As we grow and develop, we form our own image of what perfection is. How should we be to be accepted by everyone? We try to fit this image of what we think “perfect” should be. This constant struggle not only creates stress, but it limits us in what we can achieve for ourselves. My guest, Deborah Ravenwood, is an energy medicine practitioner and a member of the American Holistic Health Association. She developed a program called Emotional Archeology that is designed to help her clients learn methods to stay balanced, even in difficult circumstances and release those self-limiting beliefs. Thank you to my sponsor, ZRT Laboratories!

Aging Without Limits – Finances and Difficult Relationships

Two of the most stressful things we can have in our lives are financial concerns and relationships that are difficult. What are we supposed to do in an economy like this? My first guest, Sylvia Guinan is a Financial Adviser at Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC in Essex CT who specializes in working with people in transition to help them gain clarity and control over their financial lives. What about the people you’re around every day? Are they helping or hurting you? What can you do to enhance your relationships? My second guest, Kay Wilson, an employment attorney, executive coach and motivational speaker, helps you find these answers. She developed an executive coaching program called Charm School for Mavericks. As always, thank you to my sponsor, ZRT Laboratories.