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Rochéle Lawson

Blissful Living – Feed Yourself and Starve Your Stress

We all deal with stress in unique ways but did you know that stress is not necessarily a bad thing? Or did you know that stress can be categorized in three ways and that these three ways have something in common? Or did you know that stress requires a recovery period and what we eat during these recovery periods play an important role in how we are able to handle the next stressful episode. Join me at I chat with “Your Inspired Chef” Anne Haerle as we talk about her unique approach to handling stress through food. Anne is going to share with us her definition of stress, the idea of recovery, how to break ourselves free of craving those “certain” foods when we are stressed, her stress beating secret weapon and her stress busting diet. Be prepared to sit back, relax and absorb the information from “Your Inspired Chef.”