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Blissful Living – Is Inflammation Related to Weight Loss?

Food is an item that we need to take in to survive and thrive however food can have a toxic effect on the body. This toxic effect can lead to inflammation within the body that is often mistaken for an increase in fat within the body. There is a relationship to inflammation and weight management within the body and when you understand the relationship between the two, you are able to make the necessary changes to improve your health and wellness. I invite you to join me as I learn from Dr. Lori L. Schmek, America’s #1 Fat Loss Expert, best selling author of Fire Up Your Fat Burn and health expert for “Good Morning Texas” on how to shift a negative body image to a positive one. Learn what role inflammation plays in weight gain, what role fat plays in weight gain (this may surprise you) and what are some basic action steps that you can take to achieve optimal health.