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Rochéle Lawson

Blissful Living – Grouchiness is Bad for your Health

We have all come across people in our lives that seem to be happy go lucky no matter what is going on in their lives and then we come across people that no matter what they seem to always be “grouchy.” We may even experience times in our own life where we have been prone to be “grouchy.” Did you know that grouchiness has an effect on our health and well-being? Tune in as I chat with Sally Marks, a public relations expert, the owner of Marks Public Relations and the author of Erase Negativity and Embrace the Magic Within, as she enlivens us about the topic “Grouchiness” and the effect it has on our lives. She will discuss how to kick out your internal grouch and live a healthier and happier life, how erasing negativity is not as difficult as it may seem and she will share tips on how we can all erase negativity from our lives.