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Rochéle Lawson

Blissful Living – The Oneness Process and Life Enhancement

Recently there has been a buzz about the Oneness Process and Appreciative Inquiry. In fact, I am a speaker on an upcoming Appreciative Inquiry Telesummit. However, when I first heard these terms I wasn’t sure that I knew what they meant or why they were important for me to know. Then a friend explained them to me and I knew I had to know more and what I learned opened up a gateway to health and wellbeing that I had not known about before. Join me as I engage in conversation with Iris Barratt of Customized Hypnosis and the author of the Oneness Process: Appreciative Inquiry of Awakening Our Universal Wisdom. Iris will share what the Oneness Process is and what it entails. You will learn the importance of self-inquiry and how to using this process can enhance your awareness and your life and lastly she will share with you some of the universal qualities such as gratitude and how this can help you to see your past experiences in a positive light. As a bonus I am throwing in a free gift for you. Please pick up your free gift on how to instantly reduce stress at