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Blissful Living

Rochéle Lawson

Blissful Living – Your Roadmap To Balanced Living

We live in a fast pace, 24-7, go, go, go society and often this type of life leads to internal and external stresses. This constant on the go way of living can lead to our minds and body becoming out of whack and unbalanced. Have you ever felt that your Superwoman or Superman powers are becoming diminished because of all that you have to do in life? Well I have a treat for you, join me as I chat with Kathleen Barton, speaker, workshop presenter, life coach and author of Passport to Priorities: your Road Map to Balanced Living. Kathleen is going to share with us the keys to balanced living, how to take time for yourself without feeling guilty, learn how to avoid the “Superwoman” syndrome and how busy people can make time for important relationships that helps us to maintain balance. As a bonus I am throwing in a free gift for you. Please pick up your free gift on how to instantly reduce stress at