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Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

Roy Richards

Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age – Help! School’s Out and My Kid’s a Teen

School’s out for the summer so restless teens have all the time in the world to act out, run wild, thumb their noses at us parents and make foolish decisions. Parenting coach Laura Reagan explains way most of us make raising teens a lot harder than it has to be!  Discover her unique co-creation strategy where parents and teens jointly identify problems and solutions, share power while honoring both parent and teen interests and beliefs. For our teenage daughters, author and educator Deborah Ann Davis offers a girl’s guide to the good guys. Tune in as she dispels common myths about teen dating and sexual interaction. No, not every other teenage girl in your daughter’s school is having sex and she needn’t give in to false pressure; she can remain safe and true to herself and still have a great time this summer with a guy just right for her!

Host: Roy Richards