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Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

Roy Richards

Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age – What’s God’s Unique Plan for Your Life? Are You Paying Attention?

As we enter the new year, is your life grounded in your very own definitive, God-given long-range plan? So many of us get so busy battling today’s fires, waiting for the boss to tell us what to do. Author and inspirational coach Cindy Hochart inspires you to find your very own “burning bush,” God’s true purpose for your life and your career. Discover the stark difference between working from inspiration and working from desperation! Spot signs that your present job is making you sick. Learn three things you can start doing right away to bring peace and joy into your life while serving others. Parenting expert Colleen O’Grady suggests ways to dial down the drama while our pre-teens and teens on winter break are home from school, bored and tuned out from mom and dad.