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Rochéle Lawson

Overcoming Grouchiness

Did you know that your mood could have a tremendous affect on your physical health and wellbeing? Have you ever taken a look at how many different moods you experience as you go through your day such as happiness, anger, melancholy or grouchiness? Did you know that that state of your emotions could trigger certain events to occur in your life that can result in either negative or positive experiences? Have you ever experienced the state of grouchiness or have been around people that are considered “grouches?” Do you know why people become grouchy? Would you like to learn how not to be grouchy or how to deal with people that are? Grouchiness is something that everyone experiences at some point in their lives however there are those that move out of it easier than others and there are those that get stuck in it. Are you someone that stuck in state of grouchiness or know someone who is? Sally Marks shares her wisdom on why this happens and how we can overcome it to live a more Blissful Life.