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Its Not Just What You Say…

Are you an effective communicator? Do you really know what it is to be an effective communicator? Have you ever the sane, “its not what you say but how you say it?”

Did you know that there is a difference between interpersonal communication and communication? Do you know the importance of using body language when you communicate with someone? Have you ever thought about how you sound when you communicate?

How about this, do you know the 3 C’s of communication and how to use them to your advantage? What about listening, do you know what it takes to be an effective or ineffective listener and why you need to know this when you communicate with someone or a group of people? Well as you may be aware, communication is very important in our daily lives, no matter what you do or who you’re communicating with. If you are ready to elevate your communication skills to the next level, Marcia Carter shares her wisdom on how we all can be an effective communicator and basically obtain the results we desire when we learn how to communicate better.