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Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

Roy Richards

Late Bloomers: Become Unstuck and Pass on Wealth to Your Children

If you consider yourself a late bloomer or aspire to become one, CONGRATULATIONS–you are about to embark upon the most positive and accomplishment-filled interval of your adult life! Guest Dr. Barbara Plasker, who launched her latest career as author, speaker and coach at age 75, presents simple ways to identify then work through self-imposed barriers that are holding you back. Master the power of self-connection then condition yourself to respond rather than react to opportunity only after it’s too late.
Explore cost-effective paths to spot-on continuing education that can help re-charge your career and re-invigorate your life. Statistics demonstrate that 70% of family wealth could be lost when passed on to your children. Expert financial adviser Kip Kolson presents guidelines for avoiding family inheritance squabbles, preserving assets and creating a lasting legacy benefiting both future generations and worthy charitable causes.