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Stripped Down Kitchen

Geoff Johnson & Rocky Fino

Stripped Down Kitchen – Watermelon – The King of all Summer Fruit

Chef Geoff and Rocky strip down the watermelon and display its many uses starting with cocktails but, of course. We chop it, blend it, reduce it, and Geoff teaches us the simple art of searing it. Yes, the watermelon is everywhere in the summer and can be used in so many ways. Tune in for some great recipe ideas and a little watermelon trivia to go with.

Stripped Down Kitchen – Let’s get cured

Curing your aches, pains, issues, hangovers and more. Actually, no.
Chef Geoff and Rocky are just curing some meat. We strip down the basics of creating your own hams, cured duck, sausages and salmon to tray out at your next gathering and/or throw into a sandwich or salad.
You too can do it. Tune in to learn how…

Stripped Down Kitchen – Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

Chef Geoff and Rocky strip down the basics of smoking…your food that is. There are 2 styles of smoking, hot and cold. We smoke fish, chicken thighs, cheese, hard boiled eggs, and more. Tune in, get yourself a basic understanding of the concept and most importantly, to encourage to give it a try. One of the funnest ways to cook. You’ll love it!

Stripped Down Kitchen – Burgers…The Other Half of the American Grill Equation

First it was sausages (Hot Dogs to be specific) and now Chef Geoff and Rocky strip down the hamburger. Essentially, they look at the burger in 2 different styles. The Old School way of creating a delicious patty and then topping it accordingly, and the New School method of infusing ingredients into the patty to create exotic flavors. Tasty examples of a Key West Mango burger, the Buffalo burger, a Foi Gras delight are showcased along the way. Tune in for some great ideas to add to your next neighborhood grill party…

Stripped Down Kitchen – Hot Dogs – We’re making our own

Hot Dogs (or Sausage) is a summer staple on the grill. Chef Geoff takes control of the classroom to strip down the art of charcuterie so we can make our own Frankfurters and wieners. There is a difference.
Who knew? Learn about that and add some creative topping ideas to your home made sausages. It took our best effort to remain on topic sans the innuendos, thus it deserves a listen. Tune in…

Stripped Down Kitchen – It’s all Red, White and Blue on the 4th

4th of July is not the holiday to introduce new ethnic dishes from your world travels. This is the day to show your patriotism in your attire, your decor…and your food. Chef Geoff and Rocky combine poolside holiday classics in a festive Red, White and Blue presentation that are simple using ingredients that are expected on this party day. Grilled WHITE corn with RED hot sauce and BLUE cheese, WHITE pork chops with RED beets and BLUE (actually purple, but we had to reach) potatoes. You get the idea. Tune in for some fireworks day inspiration…

Stripped Down Kitchen – Berries are not just for Desert anymore

Berries are filled with antioxidants providing nutritional benefits.
In addition, they taste great and are abundant this time of year.
Chef Geoff and Rocky look into the different ways to use berries with your savory dishes in order to enjoy the tart flavors without having to wait for the desert pie. We top a seared halibut with a raspberry salsa, we cook a pomegranate reduction with a seared duck breast (and analyze whether the pomegranate falls into the berry category), we cook scallops in a blueberry sauce and save a few of those blueberries for a fresh blueberry cucumber and feta salad. Tune in for a little fun and some great recipe ideas…

Stripped Down Kitchen – Summertime Chill

As we enter the heat of summer, it is time to chill with some sweet classics to cool our jets. Chef Geoff puts some simple elegance on the Sundae, while Rocky strips down the Chocolate Covered Frozen
Banana. I’m not sure, but that last line doesn’t sound appropriate.
The desert is good though. This episode is all about the sweet-tooth.
Learn about the limitless options of Sorbet, an approachable look at the Chocolate Mouse and a Grown-up Bailey’s Milkshake. Of course, we had to add some booze to our desert repetroire. The kitchen is alive with a bit of education this week and always fun listening. Tune in to set up a sweet summer season!

Stripped Down Kitchen – Father’s Day Indulgence

Our day is here. Time to step away from the kitchen and allow her to cater to us for a day. But first, we best leave instructions as to exactly what we want. It’s a man’s day to indulge. Worry about moderation on Monday. On this day, we are starting with a stylish Caesar Salad, followed by a decadent surf ‘n turf of Roast Buffalo and Butter Poached Lobster with a side of Moroccan Chickpea Salad. We then will finish the day on the patio with a cigar and a nice Port.

None of this would be complete without an abundant selection of wine to pair with every course. Joining us in the kitchen is Elizabeth Franco from Natali Vineyards,, educating us guys on just the right varietals to wash down this feast. Not only good grape, but some other fruit wines to consider. Elizabeth brings great expertise and a rather sexy way of presenting it. This show is one to download and pass over to the Mrs. as a guideline to what we want for Father’s Day. Tune in…

Stripped Down Kitchen – Summer Patio Cocktails and Nibblers

There is only one thing better than enjoying a warm summer afternoon outdoors on the patio. Actually, there is more than one, but our show takes place in the kitchen not the bedroom. But add to that patio
afternoon a little something to eat and drink and we’re in heaven.
Chef Geoff and Rocky mix up some refreshing cocktail ideas along with some easy nibbler ideas to go with. When is the last time that you served a French 75, or a Singapore Sling? Been awhile? Include some unique twists on the deviled egg, and a roasted caprese, invite the neighbors and take in the warm evening weather in style. Tune in, grab an idea for a cocktail or two and make it happen.