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A New Spin on Autism: Answers!

Lynette Louise

A New Spin on Autism: Answers! – SEX! Is it an Option for the Low (or no) Functioning Adult?

Madam Becky of the book MADAM is attempting to open a brothel for the disabled. Wendy Lawson of the book ‘sex, sexuality and the Autism Spectrum’ is attempting to educate society on how to educate ASD folks around the subject of sex. Sparrow Rose Jones of the blog, ‘No You Don’t’ is attempting to open hearts and eyes around what compliance does to sexual behavior in the socially confused world of autism. (Though not in this episode part of Sparrow Rose Jone’s blog becomes an integral part of the answer to today’s question.) And Lynette Louise of the book JEFF: A Sexually Realized Spiritual Oddyssey of Stepping Into Love is confessing her stories today rather than just telling them.

All of these women are forthright and unfettered as they share their truths and bring to today’s show some very unexpected solutions.

A FANTASTIC show that needs to be heard. So open your minds and listen.

Todays question: Do special needs people have the right to a sensuous life? And if so, How do they go about making that happen?

Today’s answer: Yes. And, find a way!