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Blissful Living – Angel Animals

If you have a pet you know that they can be the most loving, caring and supportive beings a person can have. Studies have shown that people that have pets tend to be less stress live longer and enjoy more peace and comfort in their lives. My guest Allen Anderson, founder of the Angel Animals Network, speaker and author of 15 books including the best seller, A Dog Named Leaf: The Hero From Heaven Who Saved My Life is going to share with us his Pet Personality Quiz, what The Angel Animals Networks is all about and how having a pet can reveal your hidden personality that can lead to less stress, more peace and joy in your life. Allen Anderson is also going to discuss how your choice of pet may reveal your hidden personality traits and how this can help you to reduce stress in your life. As a bonus I am throwing in a free gift for you. Please pick up your free gift on how to instantly reduce stress at